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Image of Panabrite: The Baroque Atrium

Panabrite: The Baroque Atrium

Panabrite is the solo recording project for Norm Chambers, who over a short time has grown a catalogue of works showcasing a natural empathy for tapestries of sound that are eclectic, intricate and immediate all at once. Marking new ground in pursuit of pre-digital synthesis, Chambers’ work as Panabrite is a shining light among those currently finding inspiration connecting sound exploration with the sensual, spiritual matter of nature pioneered by the 1970s work of such composers as Alvin Curran.

Though primarily working with synthesisers, Chambers’ own compositional palette draws a broad reach, finding a pitch-perfect point between melody and experimentalism. The Baroque Atrium finds him expanding on his craft into freewheeling and airier territory, casting these flowing, extended pieces with a resonance that connects various strands of minimalism, prog, folk and new age music into exquisite, evolving patterns. Named for a state of mind evoking an idyllic, peaceful place subtly underscored with a disarming feel of mystery, The Baroque Atrium is filled with rare unfiltered spirit.

The Baroque Atrium is the third work in Preservation’s limited edition CD series Preservation called Circa for 2012. Only 300 copies of each release in the series will be available and will feature a design by Mark Gowing. each design realised using an abstract alphabet that creates an interlocking grid, determined by artist and volume number for something both fixed, random and unified across the entire series.

Released on CD in July 2012. Limited to 300 copies.

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